Mark is able to distill complicated technologies into solutions to real problems, manage information, lead technical teams, and otherwise maximize the value of technology to an organization or enterprise. Mark has 40 years of experience with design and deployment of computer, network, and telecommunication systems spanning a wide range of industries, platforms, and languages.

In 2003, Mark founded Visionary Networks with Sean Whitney, and has since served as Chief Technical and Financial Officer. Visionary Networks' primary product, in which Mark was instrumental in the design and implementation, is DOCSIS Reporting, Utilization, and Monitoring (DRUM), and its predecessor NEMOS. DRUM has been ultimately responsible for collecting and processing telemetry from over 20 million cable modems for the second largest Cable Internet Provider in the US.

Visionary Networks dissolved as of January 2021, as such Mark is available for consulting on projects that don't interefere with retirement.

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